About love (4)

”When we managed to get closer to God, then we find healing of our broken lives.

Our heart find relief from the burden of the past and  dare again to love God and neighbor.

We are not afraid to expose ourselves and no longer build defensive walls around us, because we do not put our hope in people – but in He who raises the dead.

But whether the true love is missing from our lives – love which is breathed of our relationship with God, then we fall into one of two known temptations.

Whether emotionally we are stronger then we seek to dominate our partner and we use it. And whether we are weak by nature, we become the victim of the ambition of others. In such conditions our relationship is an unhappy and deprived of grace.
A true bondage.

When we know God and in our relationship with God penetrate the mystery of the person of the Hypostasis of the human, built into the image and likeness of God, then we will be able to approach each person with shy,  respect and humble love, understanding that each human soul is precious to God.

Slowly, we learn also to love another selflessly, faithfully and unconditionally.

In this way we keep our freedom to remain disciples of the cross of Christ, which is the most wonderful and most helpful thing.

In this connection, putting Christ on the first place – as the other by excellence – we will find our true identity, because with Him we may lose our lives and we find ourselves again in complete safety.”

Father Zacharias Zacharou


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