About love (3)

”Lord said: ”Without Me you can do nothing.

If we are convinced that the search for an ideal and perfect connection with a human is a great delusion, then we will understand that our most deep and secret longing after love can find its fulfillment only in God, our Creator, Defender and Savior.

Then will begins between us and God an adventure – endlessly creative and life-giving.

As  much will strengthen our connection of love  with God, as much will become cleaner and more powerful any of our relationship with our peers.

In this way our love will be a healthy love – anchored in the perspective of the only real love – which is Christ Himself.

Only then love will have value because it will be free, meaning that it will be sinless.

The presence of bodily passion disturbs the mind and precludes  human spiritual increasing  and the acquiring of divine love.

All love living outside of God is ontologically self-destructive.

If our vertical relationship with God is real and powerful, then any other horizontal connection will be genuine and strong.

It would be better to be ready to fight and to make  sacrifices  for the success of our relationship with God and fellow.

If we understand that  in our fallen state we can not fulfill the desire of love then, at least we should have more humility and discernment in our expectations regarding human love.

Knowing poverty and human nothingness, and the greatness and richness of God’s love, we will acquire a spirit of compassion and forgiveness.

We will cleanse ourselves from self-love and we will approach to the others, honoring them and respecting their freedom.

We’ll get the others as they are, without trying to make them perfect, according to our imagination – we will not impose them our demands, nor we will seek to dominate them.”

Father Zacharias  Zacharou


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