About love (2)

  • ”When in our mind and soul we  get an idealized image of love, because it continues to have as foundation the weak and passionate man, we fall into an even greater delusion, which desolate our spirit and hurt our soul, that hardly we find healing.

All around us we see only tragedy and disastrous relationships. But we think that we will get better to the end. Unfortunately we do not realize the size of our failure and weakness.

We expect a strong love  from our neighbors who are struggling by the same passions like us – thing that we ourselves are not able to offer to others – because  we are all caught in the strait of sin and press of its burden.

Our delusion is that we expect those around us – which are also weak and fallen creatures – to satisfy our innate need of love, need that only God can really fulfill.

It is delusion to expect from people what only God can give us. He is the one who has planted in ourselves the need of love and only He can satisfy it. Through love we come to know Him and through love we shall be like Him.

When the winds of temptations of this world blows, even ideal relations, which seem unbelievably beautiful and durable, collapses, and only ruins remain, which are inconsolable mourning, failing to understand how it happened.

But even human love, so weak as it is,  retains something from the nature of the sacrifice of divine love. It gives himself all the way, lives inside the beloved being, around which it builds his whole happiness, all his life. But when a man betrays, then this human love collapses and becomes desolate. Nothing remains from beautiful and strong feelings before, and the wound shall be so deep, that man’s whole being are shaken and shattered into pieces (…)

When our human love has turned into ruins and we are all broken, two possible ways are open before us: either to return this pain to God, for God to enter into our lives – and as God to work the our renewal – either remain in deceiving of our human fabrications, moving from a tragedy and desolation of our soul to another, hoping that at some time we will find our ideal pair.

The drama will continue until the moment we will understand that we can not defeat alone.
In our relations we need the third person.
As priests, during the Holy Mass, when they give the kiss of peace, they say: ”Christ in our midst ” – just it should be into our lives.”

Father Zacharias Zaharou


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